Establish a Scholarship

The college experience today offers students so much more than classrooms, mid-term exams, papers and a degree.

College education is currently geared toward expanding the mind and enriching the spirit. Collaborating with international students inside the classroom is one way that serves to broaden one's perspective and sensitivity to societal issues and concerns outside the classroom. By further harnessing positive energy and enthusiasm, college can become the venue for exposing students to life-changing moments such as interning in a congressional office or rebuilding neighborhoods ravaged by natural disasters.

In a continuing effort to widen horizons, D'Youville offers students "study abroad" programs in such exciting places as Florence, Italy; Sydney, Australia; London, England and Beijing, China. The experience of studying and living abroad expands upon the global experience directly by immersing students in cultures different from their own, thereby increasing awareness, sensitivity and appreciation for the contributions made by people throughout the world community.

In spite of all these wonderful opportunities available to students at D'Youville, the reality of attending a private college today is costly. D'Youville expends more than $16 million each year in financial aid to students...dollars that must be in the coffers in order to provide much needed assistance to our students.

At D'Youville, students are our first priority. During their years at D'Youville College, we are committed to helping them throughout their intellectual, spiritual and personal journeys.

Therefore, twenty percent of D'Youville's annual operating budget is dedicated to the financial aid office where counselors guide students in the process of applying for financial assistance. For many, the advice and direction they receive becomes the route to an affordable degree.

In order to endow a scholarship, a minimum gift of $50,000 is required. Typically, it can be a one-time payment, or it may be completed over five years' time. Under certain circumstances, it can be completed in a time period mutually agreed upon by the donor and the college. In accordance with the financial policy of D’Youville, only interest earned is paid out to assist worthy scholars. The principal remains intact in perpetuity.

Your decision to establish an endowed scholarship provides you with the opportunity to honor a loved one or remember someone you hold in high esteem by naming the scholarship in his or her honor. You also have the privilege of establishing the criteria for awarding the scholarship.

Always, financial need is an important consideration in nominating a student for an award.

Your legacy gift of $50,000 to establish an endowed scholarship is truly an investment in D’Youville that will pay dividends far into the future and will assist numerous students in accomplishing their goal of a D'Youville education. Be assured that the effects of your generosity are far more reaching than you could ever imagine.

It is also possible to establish smaller awards in order to provide assistance to students. There is no minimum requirement necessary to establish these types of awards and they can be granted to an individual recipient or divided among several recipients. However, once the principal is depleted, the award ends. These grants are unnamed, and the donor may not establish the award criteria.

To effectively offset the expense of tuition, scholarships have been created through the generosity of alumni and friends. This is why the role of alumni is particularly important. What more beautiful and effective way to say "thank you" to your alma mater for the opportunities it has created in your life than to return the favor by affording others those wonderful opportunities. More than one hundred endowed scholarships have been established through such benevolence. The awards made from these scholarship funds assist students in meeting their tuition obligations. More often than not, these gifts are responsible for making the dream of a college degree, as well as all its possibilities, a reality for many deserving scholars.

To establish a scholarship, please call 716-829-7802.

  • AAUP Scholarship
  • Pauline M. Alt Endowed Scholarship
  • Anniversary Class of 1952 Endowed Scholarship
  • Anniversary Class of 1954 Endowed Scholarship
  • Anniversary Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship
  • Anniversary Classes Endowed Scholarship
  • Auxiliary to the Medical Society of Erie County Endowed Scholarship
  • Dara L. Barker Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Sister Mary Charlotte Barton, GNSH Kinship Scholarship
  • Dr. Charles A. Bauda Endowed Award in Health Sciences
  • Philomena V. Bauda Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Mary Schweitzer Bauer Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Norman T. and Rita A. Bauer Memorial Scholarship
  • The Beecher Women Alumnae Scholarship
  • Jennifer Berner Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael Bihari Endowed Scholarship
  • Sally Jean Bilotta Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Mary Cecelia Carr Buckley Endowed Scholarship
  • The Vincent J. and Philomena Pepe Campagna Scholarship
  • Cardarelli Family Endowed Fund
  • Natalie and Sr. Virginia Carley, GNSH Scholarship
  • Camille Massaro Caulfield Professional Nursing Award
  • Class of 1964 Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Carole Doyle Strassheim
  • Kathleen and Michael Clifford Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Boland Constantine '27 Endowed Scholarship
  • Joseph and Mary Moriarity Cottrell '45 Scholarship
  • Crossett Physician Assistant Student Scholarship
  • William G. Dauria Endowed Scholarship
  • Jean Dolan DeLaney Scholarship
  • Del Santo Family Community Health Nursing Scholarship
  • Marjorie McGowan Demerly Endowed
  • Rita DeSpirt Heffernan Scholarship
  • DiTusa-Collesano Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Sister Margaret of the Sacred Heart Dooling Endowed Scholarship/Galasso Foundation Fund
  • Catherine Dowling Endowed Scholarship
  • Sister Mary Sheila Driscoll, GNSH Memorial Scholarship
  • Sister Mary Sheila Driscoll/Irma M. Dickman Scholarship
  • DuCouet Musarra Endowed Scholarship
  • The Dugan Family Endowed Scholarship
  • D'Youville College Alumni Assoc. Endowed Scholarship
  • Dean Virginia Ego Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Paul J. and Martha N. Rees Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund Honoring Mary Lee Eberl Evans '59
  • Faculty/Staff Opportunity Scholarship
  • Beverly Ann Fest Endowed Scholarship
  • Flanigen-Griffin Endowed Scholarship
  • Thelma E. Fleisch Endowed Scholarship
  • Josephine Goodyear Endowed Scholarship
  • Joseph and Marguerite Grande Scholarship
  • John Grandy Physician Assistant Award
  • The Joan Hetzelt Hanifin '53 Scholarship Fund
  • Anne Harrington '43 and Moira Duggan Scholarship
  • Teresa Hawro Scholarship
  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship
  • Geraldine Helfter Hunter Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth C. and L. Carl Higgins Endowed Scholarship
  • HSBC International Business Scholarship
  • The Maureen Hutchinson '45 Endowed Scholarship
  • Mother Mary Ita Scholarship Fund
  • Emily Jendrasiak Fund
  • Edward J. Johannes, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Myron & Mary Margaret Jordan Scholarship
  • Kelly-Reger Family Scholarship Fund
  • KeyBank Nursing Workforce Diversity Endowed Scholarship
  • Key Private Bank Community Scholarship
  • Katherine G. Koessler Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael J. Lawless II Scholarship
  • The Lawley Scholarship Fund
  • Norine S. Lawrence Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Ardyce S. Lightner Endowed Scholarship
  • Patricia J. Loser Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Lorraine Attea Lynn Scholarship
  • Eileen Callahan & Leo Lyons Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Michael Marasco, Josephine Marasco & Sister Rose Frances Scholarship Fund
  • Marino Smyton Family Scholarship
  • McCafferty Memorial Fund
  • Dorothy Higgins McNicholas '69 Memorial Scholarship
  • Meagher Endowed Scholarship
  • Moretti Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Rev. Michael W. Moynihan Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Murphy Endowed Scholarship
  • Marie Claire Gunning O'Leary
  • Charlene Danielle Page Scholarship
  • Vincent & Harriet Palisano Foundation
  • Margaret Helme Pennotti Endowed Scholarship
  • Joseph Perna Family Endowed Scholarship
  • J. Warren Perry Health & Human Services Leadership Award*
  • Louise Pines & Mary Rico Endowed Scholarship
  • Josephine Zdon Procknal '44 Scholarship by Her Sister, Valerie Zdon Potrafke
  • Riverrun Fellowship
  • Nancy Severtsen Robert Endowed Scholarship
  • Joan Kendall Robinson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary Crehan Roche Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary Anne Michalski Romanowski Endowed Scholarship
  • J. Rutowski Pharmacies Scholarship
  • Rutowski Family Scholarship
  • M. Caroline & Walter F. Shanahan Memorial Scholarship
  • James B. & Therese Coonly Shanahan Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary Sheehan Shea Endowed Scholarship
  • Zeta Nu Endowed President's Grant
  • Ruth Helene Smith Scholarship
  • Dolores & Jeremiah Sullivan Nursing Scholarship
  • Irma Thiel Endowed Scholarship
  • Stella Tiffany Endowed Scholarship
  • Nelson L. Tulumello Endowed Scholarship
  • Kathy Vallone Memorial MS Scholarship
  • Van Dyke Endowed Scholarship
  • Judith Gotham Wagner '50 & North Country Scholarship
  • Dr. Mark & Beulah Welch Endowed Scholarship
  • Sr. Mary Theodore Weppner, GNSH Scholarship
  • Who Dares, Wins Endowed Scholarship
  • Gertrude M. Murphy Winkelman '34 Scholarship
  • Sister Francis Xavier Nursing Scholarship
  • Theresa M. Zielinski '70 Endowed Scholarship
  • Helen H. Zientek Scholarship Fund

To apply for a scholarship, visit For more information, contact Solutions at or 716-829-7500.